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I am currentliy using an orthogonal map, not an isometric. But I would like to get an perspective look. the first picuture shows, what I currently have, the second shows my goal.

Isn't it possible to do it with a transform matrix somehow? I did only manage to scale the whole image..

enter image description here

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You can use MapRenderer.setView(...) to achieve that.

Create a PerspectiveCamera and set it up to have the perspective that you've shown in your second picture. Note that the tiled map will be rendered to the X/Y-plane and you need to set your camera's position and look-at vectors accordingly.

When you are done with that, use MapRenderer.setView(...) with the camera.combined matrix.

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Hi I'm trying to do this too so I can use 3D models on top of the tiledMap. Any tips on how to convert the xy screen coords to the tiledmap using the perspective camera? (can't use unproject) –  Steven Trigg Sep 22 '14 at 12:22

Be careful; as said by noone, you will still have 2D pixel: no 3D geometry: sprited will not be hidden behind wall.

If you want to achieve some simple fake perspective, you will have to code it yourself. The idea is to use use 2 different layers in the map, one for all the basic stuff (floor, walls, objects) and one for all elements that should hide all things drawn before – the “perspective”.

Then with some code, render the floor tiles, sprites and then the perspective layer to hide objects.

I have written a blog entry to achieved this with libgdx, which you can find here.

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