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SELECT * FROM `movie_list`
WHERE `movie_id` IN 
(SELECT DISTINCT movie_id FROM `movie_genre` where genre_id in (12,18,53)) 
AND rated IN 
('Not Rated','N/A')

How can i convert the above to a query builder syntax:

$movies = DB::table('movie_list')


I have the inner one: it goes like this:

                     ->whereIn('genre_id', array(12,18,53))

How do i use this result with the rest of my query?

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You could do this alot smoother with Eloquent Models, but assuming you don't have your models setup, this should do the trick (untested)

$ids = DB::table('movie_genre')
        ->whereIn('genre_id', [12,18,33])

$movies = DB::table('movie_list')
        ->whereIn('movie_id', array_values($ids))
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DB::table('movie_list')->whereIn('movie_id',function($query){ $query->select(DB::raw('movie_id')) ->from('movie_genre') ->whereIn('genre_id',array(12,18,53)) ->distinct(); })->paginate(5); –  user3299182 Jul 13 '14 at 15:00

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