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How can I run a stored procedure from a CL program? RUNSQLSTM requires a source member, but I just want to build a command so users can pass in variables easily, so this won't work.

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QCMDEXC might be the command you are looking for.

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You can call the system program QZDFMDB2 and pass it one parameter with the SQL string to execute. In this case the SQL string is the call to your stored procedure:


To substitute in your values use a variable for the PARM:




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At one time, there was a command that someone wrote that I had used. I can't find that reference anymore, but I have two other options:

  1. This article uses REXX
  2. This article uses RPG

They both include the source you need to get the command working.

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There may be 2 options:

In the CL program create a temporary source member. Construct the SQL statement with the supplied parameters to execute the stored procedure and write this source code to the temporary member. Then add a call to RUNSQLSTM with the generated member as parameter.

A second option is not to create a CL program but use RPG/COBOL. By using embedded SQL the stored procedure can be executed with the parameters. Their values should be passed from the command to the program.

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I think your second idea is best for me - thanks. Would be nice to be able to call a procedure directly though! –  main_menu Oct 29 '08 at 16:29
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