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Sample data:

rdata <- data.frame(y=rnorm(1000,2,2),v1=rnorm(1000,1,1),v2=rnorm(1000,3,3),

This doesn't do what I need:

plot1 <- lapply(1:2, function(i) {bwplot(~rdata[,i],rdata)})
plot2 <- lapply(1:3, function(i) {bwplot(~rdata[,i],rdata)})
plot3 <- lapply(1:4, function(i) {bwplot(~rdata[,i],rdata)})

print(do.call(grid.arrange, c(plot1,plot2,plot3))) 

I would like to plot the graphs by row so that in this case the plot1 shows up within 1 plot in first row only 2 graphs, second row 3 graphs and 3rd row 4 graphs. How to do this?

EDIT: Desired output:

enter image description here

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grid.arrange(do.call(arrangeGrob, c(plot1, list(nrow=1))), do.call(arrangeGrob, c(plot2, list(nrow=1))), do.call(arrangeGrob, c(plot3, list(nrow=1)))) seems to work but im sure it can be tidied up. –  user20650 Jul 13 at 13:25
This works!If you're happy with submitting this as an answer, I would accept it straightaway.Thanks! –  Max Jul 13 at 13:33
Good stuff Max. I'll wait a wee bit to see if someone answers as I expect the code can be improved on –  user20650 Jul 13 at 13:34
Hmm, in fact it is not as good solution as I thought. I would like the each individual graph to be equal size. The last 4 graphs are too narrow. That means that it should plot 4 graphs equal size and the first row with the 2 graphs should be plotted as if there would be 2 invisible graphs plotted. –  Max Jul 13 at 13:46
you can do this by forcing the number of columns with the ncol argument. –  user20650 Jul 13 at 14:14

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Upgrade comment to answer

Not sure if this is much of an improvement from the comment but perhaps is a bit more scalable

# arrange list of grobs for each plot
l <- lapply(list(plot1, plot2, plot3), 
                      function(i) do.call(arrangeGrob, c(i, nrow=1, ncol=4)))

# plot
do.call(grid.arrange, l)
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Great.This does what I need.Thanks! –  Max Jul 13 at 14:22

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