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I am using Sequel in a Sinatra RESTful API backed by PostgreSQL and have several columns that are integer[] types.

I have registered the :pg_array extension and saving new records works fine:

x =[:mymodel])

However, when I call update:

data = JSON.parse(['mymodel']

x = MyModel.where(:id => params[:id])

it fails with the following error:

Sequel::DatabaseError - PG::InvalidTextRepresentation: ERROR: array value must
start with "{" or dimension information
LINE 1: ...olumn2" = NULL, "column3" = 'Some Text', "arrayField" = ('1'), "col...

The column is defined as integer :arrayField, :type => "integer[]" and the JSON representation for the array fields is being passed as "arrayField":["1"] in both create and update calls to the API.

It would appear that the array type is correctly picked up for a new record but not when an existing record is updated. Can anyone point out where I've gone wrong?


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Turns out I was calling Dataset.update instead of Model.update.

The solution was to use .first instead of .where...

data  = JSON.parse(['mymodel']

x = MyModel.first(:id => params[:id])

Updating here after getting an answer via

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