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I am trying to implement searching in NSTextView with search query coming from my custom NSSearchField.

Sounds pretty simple, but I cannot get it working.

So far I've looked through all the Apple Documentation about NSTextFinder, its client and FindBarContainer. The TextFinder simply provides the FindBarView to the container, and container shows it when you activate searching.

All the communication between the client, container and TextFinder is hidden. It just looks like a black-box that is designed to work "as is" without any customisation or interference.

But what about - (void)performAction:(NSTextFinderAction)op method of NSTextFinder? Isn't it for sending custom commands to the TextFinder?

I was trying to assign a new search string to it with the following:

    NSPasteboard* pBoard = [NSPasteboard pasteboardWithName:NSFindPboard];
    [pBoard declareTypes:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:NSPasteboardTypeString, NSPasteboardTypeTextFinderOptions, nil] owner:nil];
    [pBoard setString:_theView.searchField.stringValue forType:NSStringPboardType];
    NSDictionary * options = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
                              [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], NSTextFinderCaseInsensitiveKey,
                              [NSNumber numberWithInteger:NSTextFinderMatchingTypeContains], NSTextFinderMatchingTypeKey,

    [pBoard setPropertyList:options forType:NSPasteboardTypeTextFinderOptions];

    [textFinder performAction:NSTextFinderActionSetSearchString];

but that doesn't work and simply breaks the normal findBar operation.

I have a strong feeling that I am doing something wrong. All I want is to have a standard search functionality in my own NSSearchField. Is that possible?

I bet I am not the first one who is not happy with normal findBar.

Your help is very needed and appreciated!

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Please note, that the creating custom SearchField is not a problem. I am stuck with implementing the searching mechanism for the NSTextView that would allow using my custom SearchField. –  UJey Jul 25 '14 at 15:48

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You can use NSComboBox . Return search value using below delegate-

- (NSString *)comboBox:(NSComboBox *)aComboBox completedString:(NSString *)substring {

if([aComboBox tag] == 101 || [aComboBox tag] == 102) {
    NSArray *currentList;
    if([aComboBox tag] == 101) {
        NSArray *keyArray = keySuggestions;
        currentList = keyArray;
    else {
        currentList = [NSArray arrayWithArray:self.valueSuggestions];
    NSEnumerator *theEnum = [currentList objectEnumerator];
    id eachString;
    NSInteger maxLength = 0;
    NSString *bestMatch = @"";
    while (nil != (eachString = [theEnum nextObject]) )
        NSString *commonPrefix = [eachString
                                  commonPrefixWithString:substring options:NSCaseInsensitiveSearch];
        if ([commonPrefix length] >= [substring length] && [commonPrefix
                                                            length] > maxLength)
            maxLength = [commonPrefix length];
            bestMatch = eachString;
    return bestMatch;

return substring;


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Thanks. But that doesn't answer my question. The problem is not in the SearchField. I want to implement an easy way to search the TextView with my custom search field. Using NSTextFinder would be nice. But if it is impossible, please provide some other working solution. –  UJey Jul 25 '14 at 15:46

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