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I am working with Spring 4 and EhCache and I have a service/business class working with Products.

I have some Products already saved in the database, consider 6 to keep the things simple.

I have the following methods where I can update an entry in the cache and delete too:

@Cacheable(value="products", key="#id")
public Product getProductById(Integer id) {
    return this.productRepository.findOne(id);

@CachePut(value="products", key="#product.id")
public Product update(Product product) {
    return this.productRepository.save(product);

@CacheEvict(value="products", key="#id")
public void delete(Integer id) {

@CacheEvict(value="products", key="#product.id")
public void delete(Product product){

My problem is with the following method

public Set<Product> getAllProducts() {
    return new LinkedHashSet<>( this.productRepository.findAll() );

It contains the same products even after I have updated (@CachePut) or deleted(@CacheEvict) through the previous methods shown above. There is no a reflected change

Imagine that the Db returns 500 products and they are cached, then by other method an item is updated or deleted, I want an update for that cache, it should be 500 with the Product updated or 499 if the Product was deleted.

How I can do that? Observe the method has no a parameter, therefore I can't use a key

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