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What is the main difference between the main idea of DSL and Frameworks? These two issues are very confusing to me and i couldn't find a proper answer through internet!

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I haven't read this in detail myself, but it looks like this is one of the more authoritative discussions on this topic: folk.uio.no/martifag/masterthesis/thesis.pdf . I'd love to have a concise summary myself. –  Sridhar-Sarnobat Jul 21 at 19:09

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Good question. This is the simplest explanation I see:

A DSL can have its own concrete syntax. A framework cannot have its own syntax since it is used in the same language in which it was created. Domain Specific Languages versus Frameworks

For example: HTML is a DSL, whereas directives in the AngularJS framework are written in HTML syntax so do not constitute a separate language.

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Yes, thanks. Finally i found my answer in that paper 2-3 days ago. However for asking this question, i got a lot of negative points while it was a true and important question! –  user3054287 Jul 22 at 2:09
I don't know what such people's problem is. I even asked Martin Fowler about this on Twitter. Apparently chapter 2 of his book comments on this. –  Sridhar-Sarnobat Jul 22 at 5:10
I asked someone else who I consider very smart who said "a DSL is one particular implementation of a framework." While that might be true, I don't think that's the most helpful way of looking at it. –  Sridhar-Sarnobat Jul 22 at 5:12

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