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I made a form class in c# that has a devexpress grid, a label and a button, all of them are declared as protected. I created a subclass of that form but, when I try to move or resize the controls, the grid is locked (only the grid, not the other controls).

I checked the locked property, but it's set on false

Any idea? thanks

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it is a problem between Visual Studio 2008 and DevExpress. You can read the solution on this article:


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I tried out that scenario with DevExpress 9.2 and I had no problem moving the grid.

Thats what i did:

   class FormSubClass : Form1
      public FormSubClass()
         this.simpleButton1.Click += new EventHandler(simpleButton1_Click);

      void simpleButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
         this.gridControl1.Location = new Point(gridControl1.Location.X + 100, gridControl1.Location.Y);

You can find my sample app here.

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