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I think I have stumbled over a bug in VS2012.

Does anybody see how the following can NOT be a bug?

Public ReadOnly Property Email_DateTimeSent(ByVal uIndex As Integer) As DateTime

        If uIndex < _emails.Count Or uIndex < 0 Then
            Stop'this line is not reached, so the index is valid
        End If

        Return _emails(uIndex).EMail_DateTimeSent

    End Get
End Property

The error is "ArgumentOfRangeException: The index may not be negativ and not be smaller than the list."

However, when I hover over the line

            Return _emails(uIndex).EMail_DateTimeSent,

I see that the value is valid and also not out of range: _emails(uIndex).EMail_DateTimeSent = #7/12/2014 2:19:23 AM#

Does anybody see how this can result in an error??

Thank you!

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What happens if uIndex is 5 and Count is 6, and what if uIndex is 7 and Count is 6? –  shree.pat18 Jul 13 '14 at 18:24
What is _emails? It looks like it must be a list of some class that has a property .EMail_DateTimeSent –  dbasnett Jul 13 '14 at 22:27

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The condition to validate the index should look for values that are less than zero, or greater or equal to the count:

If uIndex >= _emails.Count Or uIndex < 0 Then

With the current code, the only way to reach the Return statement is to provide an index that is greater or equal to the count, i.e. outside the list (or wait for the debugger stop at the Stop statement and then continue execution).

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