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I am currently coding a PHP script to allow me to send commands to my vps using the telnet connection. I have the connection working perfectly and sending commands works.

Now when I use fgets it only grabs the first line, but I need it to grab all the lines and put it into a variable.

My code:


$engine = 'IP';
$port = 'PORT';
$connection = fsockopen($engine, $port); 
echo "Connection Failed";
echo $connection;
echo '<br/>';
echo "Connection Succesful";
fwrite($connection, "msg");
echo $ur . "<br/>";

Normally when using PuTTy to connect, it outputs


Please type the help command for help

But using the code above, it only outputs the first line


I am trying to get it to output the full thing, even after a command.

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Use while(!feof($connection)){ echo fgets($connection); }. I'm not sure if it will work. –  Ismael Miguel Feb 6 at 12:22

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