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In Wordpress I've created a custom taxonomy called 'designers' and I have created a drop down list using that taxonomy which outputs a list of designers.

I've duplicated another menu's code and changed certain parts to try and achieve what I need (see below)

How do I make it into a 'jump menu'? Currently the list doesn't hyperlink anywhere and I want it to filter by designer when a designer is clicked in the drop down.

  <div class="categories">
                <h3><?php _e('Designers', 'foliogrid-pro'); ?></h3>
                if(of_get_option('ft_loc_select_designers')): $catword = of_get_option('ft_loc_select_designers'); else: $catword = 'Select Designer'; endif;

                $cats = array('show_option_none'   => $catword);
                wp_dropdown_categories( 'taxonomy=designers' ); ?>

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