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I have a Django project in which I need a custom user, I followed the steps of Django Documentation to achieve a custom User but Super User shares the same properties. I really dont need those for my admin users. Is there a way to have a specific Model for Admins and Users?

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Here as you can see, Django user has two property is_staff and is_superuser, admin users should have value True for those property(like: user.is_superuser=True) and normal users can have it False, that can distinguish Admins from Users, other properties like first_name, last_name etc can be shared by both parties.

Otherwise, you can add your own property: ex:

class SomeUser(User):
    is_admin= models.NullBooleanField(default=False, null=True)

or like:

class SomeUser(models.Model):
     is_admin= models.NullBooleanField(default=False, null=True)
     #I prefer like this way of using customizing authentication
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