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I have been struggling to grab the whole understanding of how simple it seems to create a webservice client with spring. From all the documentation and tutorials I have been reading they all reference a web service Interface which is supposed to be the contract that the actual web service(server) implements. WHen you read apache cxf documentation ou will see in the client section side:

<jaxws:client id="helloClient"
              address="http://localhost:9002/HelloWorld" />

It appears that Helloworld is an interface that should be present in the client package demo.spring. It could be empty but the following sp seems to say that I should somehow either put the definition of the interface there or cxf with spring will dynamically generate the webmethods definitions.

ApplicationContext context = ...; // your Spring ApplicationContext
HelloWorld client = (HelloWorld) context.getBean("helloClient");   

Question 1: Could it be that cxf wsimport or wsdl2java tool is used along side to generate the wsservice interface?

Question 2 : If the above is the case why not calling the webmethods directly from the generated classes.

As you can see I am just confused. I will be grateful if someone can shed some light.

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