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I looking for a simple and working example code for webrtc.

I can find some example codes in github and tried to copy but getting errors.

Could anyone recommend simple and working code of webrtc?

I am a newbie in webrtc and wish to start off from a simple and working code.

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Check out this link please: https://github.com/wshcdr/WebRTC-Experiment.

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have you tried with this example and saw it working? –  Daniel Jul 14 at 2:07

The best guide for webRTC beginners


you can see the Demo here


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Yep you can check out this demo here. It's written in SIP.js, a JS library that's written on top of WebRTC and SIP for quick/easy development.


From there, you open up a "Bob" tab and create video calls / messages / data between them. Then at the bottom, you'll see sample code snippets for each.

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I've tried asterisk + sipml5 already but wasn't successful. so I'm curious, does sip.js actually working fine with asterisk.. –  Daniel Jul 15 at 2:40
Have you tried with sip.js before and worked well? I'm exhausted I've put so much effort and got nothing out.. –  Daniel Jul 15 at 2:41
Ah sorry, Daniel, totally missed this. I know the dev team behind SIP.js and have successful stuff running on it, so yea. I think it works well. The issues you may be having with sipML5 could be within Asterisk deployment, in your sipML5 code, or in one of these projects itself. Tough to tell. I've seen a bunch of developers struggle with WebRTC & Asterisk deployments and know Asterisk just rolled out a patch that should help a bunch. Anyway, yea I would advocate SIP.js - more features, a bit more intuitive, and SUPPORTED. The devs behind the Google group for SIP.js may be able to help you. –  HelloNicole Aug 1 at 15:13
SIP.js has been tested with Asterisk 11.11.0 without any code modifications --> sipjs.com/guides/server-configuration/asterisk –  HelloNicole Aug 1 at 15:16

Download WebRTC source code, then you will find a good example code from itself:


It's a JAVA code with JNI library. Remember to read file README in that folder.

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sorry I didn't mentioned in the question.. I want to use javascript.. Thanks you anyway.. –  Daniel Jul 15 at 2:46

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