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I'm using the Google Maps API to build a map full of markers, but I want one marker to stand out from the others. The simplest thing to do, I think, would be to change the color of the marker to blue, instead of red. Is this a simple thing to do or do I have to create a whole new icon somehow? If I do have to create a new icon, what's the easiest way to do that?

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You may want to check this post from yesterday: stackoverflow.com/questions/2467720/… – Daniel Vassallo Mar 18 '10 at 20:06
or perhaps a better post stackoverflow.com/questions/7095574/… – Faizan Nov 5 '13 at 10:50
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Since maps v2 is deprecated, you are probably interested in v3 maps: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/markers#simple_icons

For v2 maps:


You would have one set of logic do all the 'regular' pins, and another that does the 'special' pin(s) using the new marker defined.

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Note to future readers: This is for Google Maps API v2 which is deprecated. If you're using v3, then you need to look elsewhere. – priestc Aug 26 '13 at 21:33

With version 3 of the Google Maps API, the easiest way to do this may be by grabbing a custom icon set, like the one that Benjamin Keen has created here:


If you put all of those icons at the same place as your map page, you can colorize a Marker simply by using the appropriate icon option when creating it:

var beachMarker = new google.maps.Marker({
  position: myLatLng,
  map: map,
  icon: 'brown_markerA.png'

This is super-easy, and is the approach I'm using for the project I'm working on currently.

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This answer is awesome. I was sad that the accepted answer is for V2, but thankfully scrolling down paid off. Thanks! – Adam Tuttle Aug 26 '13 at 19:49

MapIconMaker: a library for Google Maps v2

One way is to use the MapIconMaker. There's an example here. Google Maps default icons are 20px width and 34px height, so you could use something like this to emulate:

var newIcon = MapIconMaker.createMarkerIcon({width: 20, height: 34, primaryColor: "#0000FF", cornercolor:"#0000FF"});
var marker = new GMarker(map.getCenter(), {icon: newIcon});

You could even wrap it in some function to make things even easier on yourself:

function getIcon(color) {
    return MapIconMaker.createMarkerIcon({width: 20, height: 34, primaryColor: color, cornercolor:color});

That's what I personally use for all markers I create. I prefer to have the option to change colors of a whim.

Update: The Hex color of the default icon is "#FE7569". Also, you can setImage on a Marker rather than creating a new Marker with a new icon. So if you want a function to highlight you could go with something like this, using the function above:

function highlightMarker(marker, highlight) {
    var color = "#FE7569";
    if (highlight) {
        color = "#0000FF";

StyledMarker: a library for Google Maps v3

Since V2 was replaced by V3 sometime ago I thought I should update this answer. I created a library for custom markers that can be found on the V3 Utility Library here. It allows for different colors and shapes, and you can place text on the marker as well. It works by using the Google Charts API which has methods for creating Google Maps type markers. Feel free to look at the source code if you'd rather use the Google Charts API directly.

The thing about that library, however, is that it takes care of defining the clickable regions of these marker images for you, so, for instance, the longer bubble with text will have the clickable regions one expects, like this example.

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It seems to be that this is only compatible with GMaps API v2? – Tigraine Dec 20 '10 at 9:28
@Tigraine I actually made an entirely new library to use for v3 called "StyledMarker" that can be found on the v3 Utility Library: code.google.com/p/google-maps-utility-library-v3/wiki/Libraries – Bob Dec 20 '10 at 12:59
look at Sean McMains's answer for v3 – smp7d Dec 13 '11 at 17:01
Why was this downvoted? – Bob Apr 13 '12 at 16:08
Downvote because only api 2 – Matt Connolly Nov 29 '12 at 2:14

Personally, I think the icons generated by the Google Charts API look great and are easy to customise dynamically.

See my answer on Google Maps API 3 - Custom marker color for default (dot) marker

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You don't need any custom libraries for Google Maps v3.

var pinColor = "FE7569";
var pinImage = new google.maps.MarkerImage("http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?chst=d_map_pin_letter&chld=%E2%80%A2|" + pinColor,
    new google.maps.Size(21, 34),
    new google.maps.Point(0,0),
    new google.maps.Point(10, 34));
var pinShadow = new google.maps.MarkerImage("http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?chst=d_map_pin_shadow",
    new google.maps.Size(40, 37),
    new google.maps.Point(0, 0),
    new google.maps.Point(12, 35));
var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
            position: new google.maps.LatLng(0,0), 
            map: map,
            icon: pinImage,
            shadow: pinShadow

from Matt Burns This works as of Oct 2014 but is Deprecated.

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bump - well done, this should be higher up – Mojowen Jun 4 '14 at 19:55
This feature has been deprecated unfortunately as you can see here. This is such a disappointing situation, where this is deprecated and the previous version I used, MapIconMaker, has been deprecated already. – zerowords Jun 16 '14 at 4:53

This is the easiest way to do it.

Google maps has the default marker available in a few different colors. Someone explained how to use them here:


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this is the easiest solution. – dave thieben Jul 28 '15 at 15:27

The simplest way I found is to use BitmapDescriptorFactory.defaultMarker() the documentation even has an example of setting the color. From my own code:

MarkerOptions marker = new MarkerOptions()
            .position(new LatLng(data.getLatitude(), data.getLongitude()))
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