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We are trying to develop a web conferencing application using WebRTC. It's lack of support for IE browsers is really big pain point for us. Now we are trying to deploying a media server that can possibly do a http live streaming for non WebRTC browsers. We tried with Kurento Media Server, but unfortunately it doesn't go well with cloud. I'm clue less on how to proceed now. Can anyone help me with this regards.

P.s. Consider me as a rookie in WebRTC.

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Well you could use a fallback mechanism that is supported in IE (like Flash) –  nha Jul 24 at 22:43
@ziaud Which problems did you have with cloud? We have some servers running in the Amazon Cloud and they are working fine. –  igracia Jul 25 at 16:33
@Izan: are you asking about kurento? –  Ziaud Deen Jul 31 at 7:23
@ziaud Yeah, I'm asking about Kurento. We have successfully set-up Kurento in AWS several times. What is your current setup and which problems did you find? –  igracia Aug 4 at 12:51

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Priologic (easyRTC) just released an open source WebRTC plugin for IE.

HTTP Live Streaming has several seconds of delay. Not suitable for the real-time communication.

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Thanks much bro, nice piece of info. –  Ziaud Deen Jul 17 at 11:23

There are several alternative/complements that you can use in order to make videos work in IE.

First of all, please ask yourself if this is really needed. Are the people that will use your solution using IE ? If yes, could yo convince them to use a more decent another browser ?

If you really can't do that, then :

But really, I would just forget IE if I were you...

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