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Suppose I have a customer who wants salesforce. He's an smb with ~50 employees. He has quite simple sales processes. Actually he wants to store Accounts/Contacts info as well as opportunity and products. Reports are also needed. Integration with accounting system also required.

So why would he buy a sales cloud licenses (Enterprise) for $125*50*12 = $75000 per year instead of buying force.com licences and build his own "sales cloud" app. force.com licenses would cost him $48000 per year (foce.com app bundle). I understand that it will not be a complete clone of sales cloud app, but a simple replacement that would fit his needs.

Considering that with force.com licenses he will have access to API, Apex/VF coding, workflows, Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Reports it is not so difficult to build custom objects for opportunities, products and so on with all their dependencies and screens.

What are the anvantages of "native" salesforce sales cloud app that really cost $30000 a year?

Thank you.

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Many of the benefits of Salesforce come from the AppExchange. You could install a number of apps that will extend the core Opportunities, Products, etc... If you create your versions of these records you won't be able to utilize the existing base of available apps that rely on the standard objects being available.

Also, can you build and maintain all the required functionality for less than the annual licensing cost difference?

That maintenance is definitely something to consider. With the full Enterprise license you will get taken along with any feature additions Salesforce does at no additional cost.

What happens several years down the track if they want to expand into a full Enterprise license? You would need to migrate a number of custom records and any other customizations that have been done.

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