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I intend to draw a directed graph (node-oriented). The nodes in the graph are dynamically generated. I am wondering if there's any good js library out there that solves my problem. Edges and weights need to be custom configured.

Thanks, Deepak.

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The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit provides graph view that can be dynamically generated and updated using AJAX etc. It provides a number of views that are customizable.

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From my experience D3.js is most flexible


also there is new sigmajs libaray


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Have you looked into the RaphaelJS library?

Check out the awesome demos on the site. It's cross-browser, because it uses VML in IE and SVG in other browsers.

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Commercially licensed - KeyLines would do the job - also cross-browser, both old IE & newer browsers supported (incl iPads). Disclaimer: I help to develop it ;-)

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Cytoscape Web JS will do what you need.

Check out the github repository here http://cytoscape.github.com/cytoscape.js/ and you can play around with some demos here http://cytoscape.github.com/cytoscapeweb/

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You can try arborjs.org too.

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