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I'm just curious if it's possible that Flash objects can access the DOM of the document that has embedded it.

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Yes, through the ExternalInterface class.

You can make calls to Javascript from within the Flash movie and get back any public information about the page that your heart desires.


Looking at this a year and a half later, i decided to add some examples:

Say you have a JS function on your client page like this:

function foo(bar,type) {
  // do something with bar and type

You call it from Flash (using AS3) like so:, bar, type);

Note that the function name is the first object and the arguments are listed sequentially thereafter.

To expose a method of the Flash movie to outside Javascript, you would do this in your Flash or Flex (again, AS3):

application1_applicationCompleteHandler(event:Event) {
  // the app has finished loading, so do whatever we
  // have to do on load, plus add that callback
  ExternalInterface.addCallback(foo, bar);

public function bar(arg1, arg2) : void {
  // do something with arg1 and arg2

In the Javascript on the page you invoke it like this (where myMovie is the ID of the SWF):, anotherArg);

In the addCallback method, the first argument is the external name of the function, and the second argument is the closure that will get called.

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how about getting attribute from a dom object? Example : <div data-url=""></div>? How do i get the data attribute? – Sisir Mar 30 '13 at 12:46


An example:

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As I understand it, that example is for AIR applications only and can't be used in regular web browsers. So the other answers, suggesting to use ExternalInterface, are probably a better fit, unless devviedev is developing an AIR application. – Lars Blåsjö Mar 20 '10 at 10:48

Not that I know of, but they can execute javascript in the containing document, which obviously can then access the DOM itself.

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If I have some AJAX calls in the parent document, can I communicate with the Flash object somehow? – devviedev Mar 18 '10 at 20:16

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