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I was wondering if Mocking/Stubbing can be done without the original class file that has to be mocked/stubbed?

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Then what are you mocking / stubbing? –  sn00k4h Jul 14 at 6:51
But all the examples I have seen requires the main class file to be included that has to be mocked. Can u show me a mocking/stubbing example where the original class file to be mocked is NOT included and will have the following: Class Name: FriendFinder... Has Method: Find... Returns: array with firstname, lastname and email address... Thanks –  Shouvik Jul 15 at 7:07

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With PHPUnit Mocks (you must set the methods when creating the mock):

$sut = $this->getMock('DummyClass', array('dummyMethod'));

With Mockery:

$sut2 = \Mockery::mock('DummyClass2');
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okay, and these DummyClass and DummyClass2 does NOT need to exists, correct? –  Shouvik Jul 15 at 7:05
Yep, those are classes that don't exist. You can try the code as is. –  gontrollez Jul 15 at 8:50
Brilliant!!! Works like a charm. I also wanna simulate that this Class "DummyClass" also has another public method that returns 'true' and I wish to call both them.... is there anyway to do this? I was tring this....but not sure how to make each method return a specific value .. kindly check this code and assist me paste.ofcode.org/rfcHxiXzHcBXcqp6NjxMWy –  user2909892 Jul 25 at 3:52
Add another expects sentence dont mix them –  gontrollez Jul 25 at 12:34
Please consider accepting the answer if your question was answered. –  gontrollez Jul 28 at 8:29

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