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I want to validate phone for general phone numbers like

    (123) 456 7899
    123 456 7899

This is a jquery regex /\(?([0-9]{3})\)?([ .-]?)([0-9]{3})\2([0-9]{4})/ but it is not working with asp.net regularvalidator control.

What i need to change so that it will allow -+ .() and numbers only

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What do you mean by "not working"? Does the regex fail valid numbers? Pass invalid numbers? –  JimMSDN Jul 14 at 11:56

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The below regex would match the phone numbers which are delimited by ,.)(+

^[-) .(+]?[0-9]{3}(?:[-) .(+]+)?[0-9]{3}(?:[-) .(+]+)?[0-9]{3,4}$



If you don't want to match the start or end, then you could use the below regex to match the phone-numbers which are loacted anywhere.

[-).(+]?[0-9]{3}(?:[-) .(+]+)?[0-9]{3}(?:[-) .(+]+)?[0-9]{3,4}


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