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Respected members of StackOverflow, kindly help me with your kind suggestions to solve the issue.

I have +20,000 items in a SharePoint list that i want to move into the folders that also exists in the same list. I would like to move them according to their created date.

For example: Items created on 07-07-2013 should be moved to Folder 2013 --> July Items created on 12-10-2013 should be moved to Folder 2013 --> December

I would like to do this using C# code. If not, i can go with PowerShell script too.

Kindly share your thoughts on it. It going to be an high priority issue for me.


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Please share with us what you have already accomplished. It should be pretty straightforward task using MoveTo method. msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… –  Yevgeniy.Chernobrivets Jul 14 at 10:20

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This tutorial worked for me as i wanted the same.


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following code may help you :)

SPListItemCollection collListItems = oDocumentLibrary.Items;

                        foreach (SPListItem oListItem in collListItems)
                            if (oListItem.File != null)
                                if ((DateTime.Now - oListItem.File.TimeCreated).TotalDays <= 100)
                                    temp_date_Created = oListItem.File.TimeCreated;
                                    if (temp_date_Created >= date_Created)
                                         file_url = oListItem.Url;




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Above logic finds files created within 100 days from current date –  Sachin RK Jul 17 at 8:52

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