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So I've created a site in my multisite installation, how can I access the uploads folder of a multisite installation (It is not the first multisite)




The directory of a site created within a Wordpress Multisite would call the uploaded images from this:


Whereas, the existing folder is just /wordpress/wp-content/uploads/

It uses htaccess and another file to do this and as such it makes the /wordpress/SITE_NAME/ folder completely inaccessible, my question is whether or not there is a way to access this folder.

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What does "multisite" mean? –  frops Jul 14 at 9:24
Please, just be more concrete when asking questions. We can't possibly have any idea about what you are trying to achieve and why. –  Smuuf Jul 14 at 9:24
Do you want uploading files to different sites? They are located on one server? –  frops Jul 14 at 9:27
I've edited my question. –  Matthew Jul 14 at 9:36

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Google is your friend :)

Here's a tutorial on defining a common upload folder for all subsites.


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Does this mean there is no way to access the subdirs of a multisite? –  Matthew Jul 14 at 9:28
No, it means that this is one method that could help you. But since there wasn't very much information in your initial question, it's hard to say what you've tried so far. –  James Shaver Jul 14 at 9:30
I've edited my question. –  Matthew Jul 14 at 9:35
Did you follow the guide? codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network It goes through all the settings for wp-config.php and .htaccess –  James Shaver Jul 14 at 9:41
It wasn't really what I was looking for. –  Matthew Jul 15 at 10:38

There is a folder called "sites" that gets created when you upload to a site. With in it is the site ID and the images.

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