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I'm using Mottie's Tablesorter plug-in for jQuery and I have a question:

is there any simple way to exclude part of the cell from filtering?

I have something like this:

║ Row # ║    Value    ║
║ row_1 ║ 31 (22 + 9) ║
║ row_2 ║ 22 (18 + 4) ║

I filter value column, but I have to filter only that first value (i.e. 31, 22). When I filter this example for "22", the first row stays too, because it contains 22 in brackets. I don't want it.

Also, I can't split it into two cells. Something like <span data-filter="disable"> would be so handy here, but I haven't found anything about this.

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have you thought about writing a custom sorter function? just ignore everything between brackets (or your own custom markup), or just use a custom textExtraction function for the value column –  epoch Jul 14 at 9:40

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You can use the textExtraction function to only grab the value from outside the parentheses (demo):

$(function () {
        theme: 'blue',
        textExtraction: {
            1: function (node) {
                return $(node).text().split(' (')[0];
        widgets: ['filter', 'zebra']

Then to only filter parsed data, add the "filter-parsed" class name to the header:

<table class="tablesorter">
            <th>Row #</th>
            <th class="filter-parsed">Value</th>
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