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I need an Activity indicator spinning in a modal view that has an UIScrollView while the content of the ScrollView (an image from url) is loading.

Any ideas of how to get this done?

As a plus I need to know how to tell the ScrollView to behave like the Photos Iphone Native App, I mean, load an image, adjust it to fit the screen without loosing aspect ratio.


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You need to use two steps:

  • First, download the image and display the activity indicator
  • When done, display the image and remove the activity indicator

The tricky part is it probably won't work if you just use NSData's initWithContentsOfURL: because it is a blocking call. On the Mac you can use NSURLDownload to download content asynchronously, you should check if this is available on the iPhone SDK.

For using a UIScrollView to display an image and fitting it to the screen at first, you should check the ScrollViewSuite sample code. It does exactly what you are looking for.

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Thanx for the answer man, I'll try NSURLDownload and the ScrollViewSuite (downloading now =D). Thanks man... cheers – Omer Mar 20 '10 at 16:18

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