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When navigating to previous calls/events during debugging with IntelliTrace, I can't see a snapshot of the value of locally-defined variables. When hovering with the mouse I get the message "Intellitrace data has not been collected". Does anyone know why?

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The Intellitrace team covered this a bit in one of their blog entries. Here is the link (it's in the comment section)

The short version though is that collecting all local variables was too much of a performance hit. Instead they only selectively capture locals. That is they will collect locals which

  • Are evaluated in the debugger during the debugging session
  • Values which have trace points defined against them
  • Local variables which are specifically configured to be captured (didn't go into detail on how to do that other than setting up a trace point).
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Thanks, JaredPar. That makes sense. Digging deeper into the MSDN documentation, I noticed they allude to this somewhat. However, they emphasize what is collected over what is not. – Andy West Mar 18 '10 at 21:30

Note that a later blog post from the same blogger - - expanded quite on the limitations and how you can get around them somewhat.

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