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I want to build a URL at runtime when a resource is render to either XML or JSON. I can do this easily when the view is HTML and is rendering only parts of the resource, but when I render a resource that contains a links to another resource I want to dynamically generate the correct URL according the host (site) and resource specific URI part.

   <component id = "1234" name = "component A" version = "1.0">
       <link rel = "/component" uri="http://localhost:8080/component/1234" />

How do I make sure the 'uri' value is correct?

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Use the ControllerContext.HttpContext to get to the HttpContextBase holding information about the current request:

var context = ControllerContext.HttpContext;
var host = string.Format("{0}://{1}:{2}/", 

and combine host with a url generated using a UrlHelper (cf. the Url property of the Controller class).

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thanks for the info and understanding the question :) –  AwkwardCoder Mar 18 '10 at 21:51

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