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I have this simple HTML:

  <div ng-controller="MainController">
      <tab ng-repeat="tab in tabs" heading="{{tab.title}}" active="tab.active" disabled="tab.disabled">

MainController creates its own scope, tabset directive creates its own isolated scope, tab directive also creates its own isolated scope, and ng-repeat creates its own child scope as well. So we have like 4 scopes here. I'm told that ng-repeat will use MainController's scope to find tabs property. My question is why if there are two scopes created by tabset and tab in between? Is it because those scopes are isolated?

EDIT: I'm adding the picture of my understanding based on the answers in comments

enter image description here

Is my understanding correct?

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ng-repeat will loop over the tabs defined on MainContollers scope. If you look at the source code for the ng-repeat directive, it creates a child scope that inherits from MainController's scope. So each iteration of ng-repeat creates it's own child scope and binds the model 'tab' from the expression "tab in tabs" to this scope. ng-repeat has to create a separate child scope for each iteration so that they are separate from eachother. –  pixelbits Jul 14 at 11:27
The tab directive is applied against each child scope created by ng-repeat, and the tab model is used to bind 'tab.active' to the tab directive's isolated scope. –  pixelbits Jul 14 at 11:31
You are right. the tabset directive defines a template and uses transclusion. So it will automatically create a child scope bound to tabsets transcluded contents. This transclusion scope inherits from MainControllers scope. ng-repeat will create child scopes that are children of tabset's transclusion scope. –  pixelbits Jul 14 at 12:31
Child scopes form the prototypical inheritance chain on the main page (this includes transclusion scopes). Isolated scopes are for directives and their templates only. Tab does not inherit from tabsets isolate scope because tab is not defined in tabsets template. –  pixelbits Jul 14 at 14:27
That is a good general picture. The child scopes create an inheritance chain. Isolated scopes are outside of that chain. The transclusion (child) scope and the isolated scope are sister scopes. The translusion scope is bound to your transcluded contents. The isolated scope is bound to your directive's template. –  pixelbits Jul 14 at 14:44

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