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I have a game of jeopardy that I made in PowerPoint and I was wondering if I could have a Silverlight application read the ppt file. Or is there a way to convert a .ppt file to a Silverlight readable format?

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There are a few options available, none of them "great".

  1. pptx2silverlight on CodePlex

    • Pros: Freely available code
    • Cons: Simplistic player, no animation/audio/video, conversion of slides to PNGs
  2. Convexion by ElectricRain

    • Pros: Converts most animations/transitions
    • Cons: No audio/video support, converts shapes to PNGs (not XAML), creates "loose XAML" instead of compiled code
  3. Powerlight by Conaito

    • Pros: Cheapest commercial solution, more customizable player
    • Cons: no animation/audio/video, conversion of slides to PNGs
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Convexion claims to support embedded audio/video, but I haven't actually seen it work yet. Not sure if they expect specific formats, etc. (We're using the Pro version...) – GalacticCowboy Aug 5 '10 at 21:15
@GalacticCowboy: Interesting. I hadn't even seen the claim :) But I haven't checked in a while. I think the main issue is everything that I have with it (as well as the others) is that everything is is turned into PNGs. You have enough PNGs and it's no longer a small file. Those Convexion SL examples are huge. At least PPT->Flash converters make smaller files for the web. – Todd Main Aug 5 '10 at 21:20

If you can save the .ppt file as a .pptx file then it will be in a zipped XML format that you could read with Silverlight. But you don't want to read it (it's a very complex format).

You just want to convert it with something like this: http://www.codeplex.com/pptx2silverlight

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There's a commercial app called Convexion from ElectricRain that converts to wpf and silverlight. It'll run ya $149 though, so not quite as good as a free tool such as pptx2silverlight, as Gabe mentioned.

However: it preserves things such as animations, which may or may not be important to you.

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