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In the following line of code for C-shell: set signame = echo "te.add[2:0] 100 1000 0 10" | sed 's/\ /\n/g' | sed -n '1p'
I wrote the right-hand side in backquotes. But when I run it I get the error: set: No match. How can I remove this error?

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You should change the title to "Not able to do anything useful in c-shell". Seriously, the solution to problems in csh is to stop using csh. –  William Pursell Jul 14 '14 at 11:51

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% set signame = `echo "te.add[2:0] 100 1000 0 10"  | sed 's/\ /\n/g' | sed -n '1p'`

% echo "$signame"


Use the one below "~" character to include the commands.

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