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I have created one android application, which has nine ImageButton and three FrameLayout.

This image has 9 ImageButton and 3 FrameLayout which is invisible

On each ImageButton there is onclick event, which add Fragment to FrameLayout. When i click on ImageButton1, Fragment1 is added to FrameLayout.

Fragment1 is Added to FrameLayout1 on ImageButton1 click

I want to display arrow indicator for Fragment as i show in the above image. Right now i have put one background image on Fragment to indicate arrow on ImageButton. which has solve my problem temporary but as

> Mobile screen size change or fragment height increase this background image size also change, Which make the arrow narrow.

background image arrow size change as width of Fragment increase

> Is there any other way to display arrow indicator for each Fragment?

Thanks in advance..!!!

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Go for quickaction view. –  GrIsHu Jul 14 '14 at 13:27

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You should try with the QuickAction View which provides similiar functionality as you need.

Below are some library which will guide you how you can implement it.

1) QuickActionView
2) QuickActionView 3D
3) Quick action pattern in Android and simple implemention.

Hope this will help you.

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Thanks For your quick reply @GrIsHu. Can i use custom layout in quick action pattern? –  user3607917 Jul 14 '14 at 13:42
Yes you can create your custom layout and use it. @user3607917 –  GrIsHu Jul 15 '14 at 4:33

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