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I have Haxe Compiler version 2.10 and Haxe Library Manager 1.03. I have downloaded lime-1,0,1.zip and placed it on the haxe installation folder. Then running haxelib local lime-1,0,1.zip it is showing

C:\>haxelib local lime-1,0,1.zip Unknown command local Haxe Library Manager 1.03 - (c)2006 Motion-Twin Usage : haxelib [command] [options] Commands : install : install a given library list : list all installed libraries upgrade : upgrade all installed libraries remove : remove a given library/version set : set the current version for a library search : list libraries matching a word info : list informations on a given library user : list informations on a given user register : register a new user submit : submit or update a library package setup : set the haxelib repository path config : print the repository path path : give paths to libraries run : run the specified library with parameters test : install the specified package localy dev : set the development directory for a given library git : uses git repository as library

What wrong I am doing?

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Where did you get the command haxelib local lime-1,0,1.zip? The error message is telling you that local is not a valid thing to type after haxelib. Your choices are install, list,... –  Jonny Jul 14 at 15:24
I am following the instruction from https://github.com/openfl/openfl/wiki/1.2.-Install-Lime Actually I want to install NME and as a first step I found that I have to install lime. As I don't have admin privilege so I am choosing manual install. –  user3306669 Jul 15 at 5:42

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You have an old version of haxelib, and of haxe as well. You should update to the latest Haxe version, which will also update haxelib to version 3.1.0-rc.4

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