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I was writing an expression in SSRS/Visual Studio 2008, trying to compare a GUID to a list of known GUIDs... however, I was running up against errors in Visual Studio when I attempted that. Here is my code:

IIf(Fields!Id.Value = "E1A5AA02-6B0F-4D0D-87B6-E88773314B73" ...
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It took a little digging, and eventually led me to this question to find the answer, but I used a combination of string conversion and casing to yield the result:

IIf(UCase(CType(Fields!Id.Value, GUID).ToString) = "E1A5AA02-6B0F-4D0D-87B6-E88773314B73" ...

For completeness, I probably should have wrapped UCase around both sides of the equation, just in case.

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