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I'm new to JS/D3 and Rickshaw. I'm trying to modify the example plot to suit my needs.

My x axis is a sequence of DNA, i.e. a combination of the letters ACTG. I've got this sequence to be used as x axis labels by parsing it into an array and then using

var xAxis = new Rickshaw.Graph.Axis.X( {
    graph: graph,
    tickFormat: function(x) {
        return dna[x]
} );

My problem is now that when zooming out of the plot, Rickshaw by default selects random letters across my sequence to display as x axis labels. This makes sense for a numeric x axis, but not in my case.

I need to change the behavior of Rickshaw.Graph.Axis.X to only show x axis labels when the zoom level is high enough. I understand that I need to somehow find hte zoom level and set the axis labels to an empty string if its too low. I still don't know where to start, even after reading the very similar question here.

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I found a simple solution: I implemented a formatter for the xaxis labels that checks the range for the xaxis and returns empty labels if it is too large.

var ticksTreatment = 'glow';
var pixelsPerTick = 10
xAxis = new Rickshaw.Graph.Axis.X( {
    graph: graph,
    ticksTreatment: ticksTreatment,
    pixelsPerTick: pixelsPerTick,
    tickFormat: function(x) {
        var maxdist = 900/pixelsPerTick // width/pixelpertick
        var xvalues = graph.stackedData[0] // first line, but they all share the same x 
        var xmin = xvalues[0].x
        var xmax = xvalues[xvalues.length-1].x
        var dist = xmax-xmin

        if (dist < maxdist) {
            return dna[x]
        else {return ""}

} );
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