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In delayed_paperclip (https://github.com/jrgifford/delayed_paperclip) there is an option to specify a :processing_image_url. This is the URL of the image to be shown while the original image is being processed in the background.

However the image that has just been uploaded should be available to use as the placeholder image (albeit at full resolution) and that is what I would like to use.

So what I would really like to do is to specify that the 'processing_image_url' is simply the full resolution image. That way the user sees the image they expected albeit loading a little slower


class Image < ActiveRecord::Base

  has_attached_file :file, :styles => { thumb: "150x150>",
                                        small: "200x200>", 
                                        medium: "500x500>",  
                                        large: "1000x1000>",  
                                        xlarge: "2000x2000>" } 

  process_in_background :file, processing_image_url: ->(attachment){ 

Now I can't do that because delayed_paperclip flags it as processing however the original image isn't actually being processed at all as it's already been uploaded. How can I access it directly?

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