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I developed the TELNET_TEST.expect (expect script ) in order to test TELENT connection on remote machine

this script perform telnet on target machine wait for login and send password and make exit that’s all !

this script work , and you can see in example 1 that the script successfully login VIA telnet and exit,

but something here is very very not logical

why I get exit status 1 ???? , I should to get exit status 0

please advice what give the exit status 1 ? , and what need to change in my script in order to get the right exit status ( 0 ) ,


   more TELNET_TEST.expect

   #!/usr/bin/expect --

   set LOGIN      [lindex $argv 0]
   set PASSWORD   [lindex $argv 1]
   set IP         [lindex $argv 2]

   set timeout 20
   spawn telnet -l $LOGIN $IP
   expect -re "(Password:|word:)"
   send $PASSWORD\r
   expect -re "(#|>)"
   send exit\r
   expect {
    timeout {error "incorrect password"; exit 1}
   catch wait result
   set STATUS [ lindex $result 3 ]
   exit $STATUS


( runing the expect script from my linux machine , and get exit status 1 in spite telnet login is ok )

 ./var/TELNET_TEST.expect root pass123


 spawn telnet -l root pass123
 Connected to
 Escape character is '^]'.

 Digital UNIX (machine1001) (ttyp0)

 login: root
 Last login: Mon Jul 14 16:40:15 from

 Digital UNIX V4.0F  (Rev. 1229); Wed Nov 23 15:08:48 IST 2005 


 Wide Area Networking Support V3.0-2 (ECO 3) for Digital UNIX  is installed.
 You have new mail.
 machine1001> Connection closed by foreign host.
 [root@LINUX_XOR]# echo $?
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That sample output looks wrong for the telnet command (it seems to list the password as host instead of the IP address). What's going on there? That being said I also don't see the exit being sent in the output, are you sure that's happening correctly? –  Etan Reisner Jul 14 at 18:08
all the arguments pushed to the expect script and they right , belive me that telnet is login without problems , what is wrong here is the exit status –  maihabunash Jul 14 at 18:13
If you exit with some other value from your timeout block do you get a different exit status from this expect call? (And you can believe whatever you want about what you think is happening, all I can say is that the output you pasted doesn't match up with that and that I would explicitly check your expectations of what hits the wire/etc. since this is telnet and that is trivial to do.) –  Etan Reisner Jul 14 at 18:17
NO I get the same exit status , be sure that telnet work fine here , and I am in the target machine ( please ignore from output because I edit it to bring here example ) –  maihabunash Jul 14 at 18:19
by the way the same script works fine when I replace the telnet with ssh , its means that I get exit status 0 in case of ssh !!! ( THIS REALLY MAKE ME CRAYZE - NOT LOGICAL WHAT HAPPEND HERE ) –  maihabunash Jul 14 at 18:20

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I see that in the transcript of you session:

machine1001> Connection closed by foreign host.

Exit code 1 is the exit code for "Connection closed by foreign host". That is the "correct" code when the connection is closed by the "other side" (in that case, in response to your exit command).

As far as I can tell, if you want an exit code of 0, you need to enter command mode in your telnet client and send the quit command. That way, the connection is closed by the client not by the foreign host. But is this really more "normal" than the other way?

From the sources of GNU telnet (inetutils-1.9), in the file commands.c:

tn (int argc, char *argv[])

 .... many many lines of code here

  close (net);
  ExitString ("Connection closed by foreign host.\n", 1);
  return 0;

and (utilities.c):

ExitString (char *string, int returnCode)
  SetForExit ();
  fwrite (string, 1, strlen (string), stderr);
  exit (returnCode);
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Hi Sylvain I add the command uname before exit and still I get -Connection closed by foreign host. ( and I checked $? is still 1 –  maihabunash Jul 15 at 5:41
@maihabunash The point this answer is making is that this is correct behaviour even if it isn't necessarily what you wanted. –  Donal Fellows Jul 15 at 8:43

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