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I have 2 batch files (say a.bat and b.bat). I am calling b.bat from a.bat: @call b.bat

There are some echo statements in b.bat, some DB start commands which usually show messages like starting DB service...service started .. some copy file statements...

I am putting all these messages form b.bat into a log file. for example: sc delete ServName >> C:\test\log.log.. These service delete messages are going into the log files successfully

When I run the b.bat directly, it shows me all these messages on the command prompt and the log file, however when i call b.bat from a.bat, these (copy file, start db etc etc) messages are not shown on the command prompt.. they only show up in the log file....

Is there a way to show all these return messages form b.bat file on the cmd window when its called by a.bat??


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If you just want to see the result after execution, just add a "TYPE logfile.log" to the end.

Cmd doesn't support multiple output streams or replication, so if you want a "live view" one needs to process the line's one by one from the pipe:

for /f "tokens=*" %f in ('Call b.bat') do @echo %f && @echo %f >>log.txt

If you are doing this from a.bat, you might need to replace %f to %%f

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