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I have a Wix installer already set up. I wish to add an input field to accept an ID (eg. ABC123) and then save that ID to the App.config file as a key. How would I go about doing this for my application? (I have several machines that need content pushed out to them based on this ID)

Here is a sample of how I started to go about this. I'm not proficient enough in WiX as of now.

<Component Id="Settings">
        Name="StationId" Value="[addStationId]" />

And I want to add this key to the app config:

<add key="StationId" value="default" />

EDIT: Okay. So I figured out that I need to use XmlFile to append the attribute to the xml file. So I guess with this edit, how would I crate a text input in the installer that would save to the Value=[addStationId]

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