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I'm upgrading my application from CLI column families to CQL tables, but currently stuck at the following problem. Suppose that the original CLI table has a composite comparator for ranking some particular items (because there would be a collision on the rank, a composite with an id-part of the item is needed; i.e. Composite(FloatType, UUIDType)). Obviously a pagination over this query can be done easily with CLI.

When converting to CQL, out table has a structure similar to this (for simplicity):

Create table ranking(
  a int,
  b float,
  c uuid,
  primary key(a, b, c));

A first try, we want to query this ranking table as following: select * from ranking where a = 1 and b > 2.3 and c > some_uuid, but in cql this doesn't work and would produce the following error Bad Request: PRIMARY KEY column "c" cannot be restricted (preceding column "b" is either not restricted or by a non-EQ relation).

If anyone has met a similar use case, a fix, or any type of suggestion, please let me know. I really appreciate all helps in advance!

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