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Is there a c# library that can help to write and indent Javascript code.

It's because I'm writing some c# code that generated some Javascript code. Something like this :

js += "<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n";
js += "   function()...\n";

And I find that generated a lot of ugly code.

So, I thought that maybe a existing library can help me doing that ?

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Perhaps it would be easier to write out unformatted code then simply run the result through a beautifier (tons of these available online). – Max Shawabkeh Mar 19 '10 at 2:12
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I just found this.


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ScriptSharp looks interesting but has a fairly high learning curve.

I wrote this a long time ago which is simple and was popular at the time (which amused me because I wrote it to simplify some other articles rather than as an article in its own right). Don't know how well it stands up nowadays though; I haven't used it in a long time. I prefer to keep scripts out in their own files now.

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