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I am using Hazelcast 3.2.3 (peer to peer mode - but testing on one node for now).

I have attached the following store load implementation to a map via the XML config file:

 <map-store enabled="true">

However, when the store load gets invoked, it appears that the load all gets called for each value in the collection of keys received i.e. if the collection has 5 Integers, the load all gets called 5 times (instead of being called once and then I should iterate through the collection to fetch the appropriate values, add them to a hashmap and return that). Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

//public class TestStoreLoad implements MapStore<Integer, Test>, MapLoader<Integer, Test>,  MapLoaderLifecycleSupport { 
public class TestStoreLoad implements MapStore<Integer, Test>, MapLoader<Integer, Test> {

//returns 5 keys in one collection
    public Set<Integer> loadAllKeys() 

//however the load all gets called 5 times instead of 1
    public Map<Integer, Test> loadAll(Collection<Integer> keys) {
        Logger.info("load all called");

This seems to be causing issues for me when I use a DB connection from a pool (without any delays). Now I need to either significantly increase the connection pool size or introduce a time delay in my store load since my connection pool is unable to handle the number of connection requests (I am releasing the connection back to the pool once I am done with an operation in store load).

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This seems to be the default behavior in v3+ - in v2+, it seems like the load all would only get invoked once. I have not seen any evidence that points otherwise. Unless I am wrong, one has to make sure this does not cause any issues

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