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This is my models.py:

class UserImages(models.Model):
    user = models.ForeignKey(User)
    photo = models.ImageField(upload_to=get_file_path)

I want to take an image which the user wants to upload and scale it down so that the images width and height are both less than 1028px before I save the image to the database. This is my forms.py:

class UploadImageForm(forms.ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        model = UserImages
        fields = ['photo']

    def clean_photo(self):
        photo = self.cleaned_data.get('photo', False)
        if photo:
            fileformat = Image.open(photo.file).format #get format of Image

            photoName = photo.name
            photoSize = photo.size
            photoContentType = photo.content_type

            photoWidth, photoHeight = get_image_dimensions(photo) #get width and height of the image

                if (photoWidth or photoHeight) > 1028: #if width or height are greater than 1028px
                    actualFile = Image.open(photo.file)
                    newSize = (1028, 1028)
                    actualFile.thumbnail(newSize, Image.ANTIALIAS) #scale the image so that width and height are less than 1028px
                    thumbnailString = StringIO.StringIO()
                    actualFile.save(thumbnailString, fileFormat)
                    photo = InMemoryUploadedFile(thumbnailString, None, photoName, photoContentType, photoSize, None)
                    return photo

I have two question: In the second last line (when I make photo equal to the new InMemoryUploadedFile),

1) In the example which I read, the field_name and charset section are both set to 'None'. What exactly is the field_name and chaset variables and what should I make them equal to? (Just asking because I don't want to leave them as 'None' and then run into problems later on)

2) how do I determine the 'size' of the photo? Currently, I set the InMemoryUploadedFile size to the original photo's size but now that I scaled the original photo down, how do I determine the new size of the InMemoryUploadedFile before I even save / create it?

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