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Recently I changed the layout of my website using the same domain. I went to re-do the sitemap.xml and went to my google webmaster account to update it.

This are the steps I did.

  • Created new xml sitemap
  • Deleted website from Googlewebmaster and re-added the website
  • Deleted old sitemap and re-added the new sitemap
  • I even did a re-verify by deleting the old verification and adding the new verification to the updated site

However, the thumbnail in google webmaster doesn't change. It still shows my old website layout and in google search, it still shows my old website description.

More info: It was only about 1 day ago since I made the changes.

Question is, will it take time for the google webmaster to update my account as its only 1 day since I made the change? If not, then how do I fix this?

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I'm not sure if I have a source for this, but I think it can take a few days or more to update. I had a similar situation where I made a site live and submitted the sitemap, then tried changing things over the weekend to improve seo and I saw nothing until about 3 days later. I wondered if I was violating something since I saw no changes right away. I'd wait a few days before worrying – Kai Qing Jul 14 '14 at 23:00

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it's been 3 weeks since your question and it's more than enough time for google to update your GWT thumbnail and reindex your site.

To answer your question: it usually takes few days to update this data.

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