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I'm using a method outline by gregor (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/143320/create-cronjob-with-zend-framework) to create command line execution for parts of my application such as cron jobs, admin tasks, and the like. It works, however, no errors get reported when I create a new object that has not been defined (misspelling) and other such mistakes.

I would have thought that php would report an error, but it fails silently. What is the reason for this? Is there a better way to achieve my goal? Or how can I implement this so that I can see errors?

Many thanks!

Here is the code:

in public/index.php

if(!defined('RUN_APP') || RUN_APP == true)



//the rest
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I figured it out. I'll answer in case someone else is looking. I'm not sure why this is so but, putting:

ini_set('display_errors', 'on');

at the top of your "cron.php" file does the trick. I guess you could throw a:


in for good measure. The puzzling thing is that I get these errors when not using the command line and I do not have the above lines in my index.php or bootstrap.php. So they are being set somewhere else in the zend framework. Perhaps "phpSettings.display_errors = 1" in bootstrap has something to do with it.

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