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I'm using storyboard.

And I have a toolbar with toolbarButtonItems separated by flexible spaces.

I want labels for each buttons. So I put labels in storyboard, but when rotating the device to landscape, labels are not aligned with buttons.

How can I solve this?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Kindest regards,

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are you not using auto layout? –  rishi Jul 15 at 5:29
I'm sorry, I'm new to Xcode, so I don't know about auto layout... –  Masaru Kitajima Jul 15 at 5:34
Check out answer by @theMonster, he has provided you links with different options. –  rishi Jul 15 at 5:38

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Well good sir, like many before you, you're presented with a two options.

  1. Use Auto-Layout's Constraint system to describe what you want.
  2. Use -layoutSubviews, and manually reposition the views in your ViewController.

The Second document on is on how to subclass UIView's in general. Defiantly worth the read. Since you said you're a beginner, it's probably best to use Auto-Layout, so you should probably start there.

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Thank you theMonster. I understand what Auto Layout is. But I have no idea to add constraints when in landscape mode as I want labels aligned with barButtonItems. –  Masaru Kitajima Jul 15 at 5:43
@MasaruKitajima then you don't know what auto-layout is. Because what you're wanting is exactly what auto layout is for –  theMonster Jul 15 at 5:56
Understand. I'll try to read the documents deeply. I added constraints to UILables, but they are related with other UILabels. And I can't find the way to add constraints to barButtonItems yet. –  Masaru Kitajima Jul 15 at 6:09

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