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I am using SendGrid for sending email in my application . Now i want to send emails to my users on weekly basis . Is there any feature available in sendgrid and if yes then how can i use that api in c#

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Have you checked Sendgrid's website/documentation or contacted their support? –  Gaurav Mantri Jul 15 at 6:24
yes i think the call that marketing email , but still i don't know how to use that api in c# –  Ancient Jul 15 at 6:25
For scheduling emails, just search for Azure Webjobs. –  Gaurav Mantri Jul 15 at 6:36

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Sendgrid does not do scheduled emails.

You'll have to create schedule functionality yourself. I can recommend looking on Azure Scheduler and Scheduled Azure WebJobs. Scheduled WebJobs are working in pair with Azure Scheduler and you can program them to do whatever you need (send emails) on a regular basis (once a week).

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You can build a worker role and defile time to run every week (simple logic). it can read your website database and send the emails to the users you want to mail.

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