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I have an example document that looks like

<ExpiryDate />
<RedeemedAmount />
<RedeemedDate />

As you can see there are couple of elements ExpiryDate and RedeemedDate are are empty.

  var q = from c in xml.Elements("ItemEntry")
                    select new mdDetail {
                        PurchaseDate = (DateTime)c.Element("PurchaseDate"),
                        StoreGUID = (Guid)c.Element("StoreGUID"),
                        ExpiryDate = (DateTime?)c.Element("ExpiryDate")??DateTime.MinValue,
                        CardID = (int)c.Element("CardID"),
                        PurchaseAmount = (double)c.Element("PurchaseAmount"),
                         RedeemedAmount = (double?)c.Element("RedeemedAmount"),
                        EntryType = (int)c.Element("EntryType"),
                        RedeemedDate = (DateTime?)c.Element("RedeemedDate") ??DateTime.MinValue,
                        SalesAssistantID = (int)c.Element("SalesAssistantID"),

            foreach (var item in q)


I am not sure how to deal with the null element value, I have tried ??DateTime.MinValue and ??null however both give me a " String was not recognized as a valid DateTime." error.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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ExpiryDate = String.IsNullOrEmpty((string)c.Element("ExpiryDate"))? 
    DateTime.MinValue : DateTime.Parse((string)c.Element("ExpiryDate"))
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You could also use null instead of DateTime.MinValue if ExpireyDate is declared to be nullable. –  Gabe Mar 19 '10 at 6:02
Thank you! that did the trick –  Diver Dan Mar 19 '10 at 6:23

"You could also use null instead of DateTime.MinValue if ExpireyDate is declared to be nullable"

@Gabe, you can't just use null - you need to use (DateTime?)null because the compiler won't know how to convert null into a DateTime object

So if you want the value to just be a blank (null) this would be the final code:

ExpiryDate = String.IsNullOrEmpty(c.Element("ExpiryDate").Value)? 
    (DateTime?)null : DateTime.Parse(c.Element("ExpiryDate").Value)

Assuming DateTime is a declared a nullable (DateTime?)

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