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So I've now progressed to having an almost functioning wrapper.
Other posts regarding my wrapper issues are: &

I use the wrapper to establish a connection to the Dallmeier using the following:

_dallmeier.SessionHandle = DallmeierSDK.dlm_connect(_handle, _ip, "", _pass, null, null, connectionCallback, pInPut)  

This returns the session handler. After awhile I get a AccessVoilationException about attempted to read or write protected memory.

I think this has something to do with using Marshal.Read and/or Marshal.Copy (as stated in one of the posts above) but I'm not sure where I use these commands.

Can some please advise me on this and/or examples?

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maybe you could try wrapping your code in a fixed block, to prevent moving the pointer in memory or being GC-collected.

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