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In an ember-cli app, testing is done using ember-qunit.

I would like to mock HTTP requests, but have not been able to find a recommended way of doing this in the documentation.

I have found this thread which discusses this, but it appears to be out of date (for ember-cli anyway).

How do you mock HTTP requests?

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This is how I mock HTTP requests. One improvement could be done by encapsulating mockjax with helper like:

function stubEndpointForHttpRequest(url, json) {
        url: url,
        dataType: 'json',
        responseText: json

So you can easily switch for another library like sinon or whatever.

module('Integration - Signin Tests', {
    setup: function(){
        App = startApp();
    teardown: function(){
        Ember.run(App, 'destroy');
        $.mockjaxClear(); // Don't forget to clear mockjax

test('Signin with valid data', function(){

  stubEndpointForHttpRequest('api_url', 'response_json');

  // Write your test

I Hope this helps

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+1 and check. Thanks for the answer. A couple of stumbling blocks that I encountered, and others might find useful: (1) mockjax does not support cross domain API requests, let's them pass through. If this is the case for your app, change them for yours tests. (2) Mockjax does not need integration tests - unit tests work too startApp and App.destroy aren't necessary. –  bguiz Jul 17 '14 at 2:46

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